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but i need to do something bc like i’m sitting in class waiting for my name to be called on the roll sheet like trying not to have a panic attack

my anxiety is kicking the fuck off again and i want to talk to my psych abt it BUT

i also have been super stupid abt my meds lately and basically took myself off my second dose of one of them (even tho it was helping a Lot???? smh self) and i just started retaking it like last week

& it totally jumps up my anxiety by a lot until i adjust to it every time so like

probably i did this to myself & my psychiatrist will just be like ‘welp’

had some fucked up nightmares & had to just get up 2 hrs before i need to, nice

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first day back @ school since u had a mental breakdown + dropped out looks


hey ppl,

so I’ve put some of my old digital art pieces up for sale on society6, just as prints. I’m by no means in dire financial straits but until I find a job, this the only way I have to get income.

I’ll be putting up newer (better) stuff soon, and I’m planning to make another post promoting those specifically when I do, but in the meantime I would appreciate any reblogs of this post or, even better, reblogs of the pieces themselves: 1, 2, 3 (slight gore warning on the third one), with the link to my shop intact.

thank u ✨


Today’s mental health reminder: a relapse, a sudden series of attacks, a string of awful days, (or whatever your step back may be) does not decrease your value. Take your time, do some self care, reflect on the progress that you have made. You are strong; one step back is nothing when you look at the journey you have already made.

makin spreadsheets of my school week to help myself calm down

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