today I got my major changed to computer science

it’s such a huge relief and weirdly enough now that I am not supposed to be an art major i finally feel like I can do my art again

i want a new tattoo so bad but i have no extra spending money rn as i have not found a job & am living off savings……… i really want a new tattoo tho


i made an aesthetic generator now you can discover urself

the capitalist system is a scourge on the earth femme

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the only food establishment where interacting with the workers there does not give me anxiety is ice cream parlours; they are on my level

i don’t need the world to cater to my every whim, i just need the food industry to cater to my every whim

the thing i want most out of life is to live somewhere i can get a large variety of cuisines delivered through orders placed online at any hour of the night, and also to live next door to an ice cream parlour that has raspberry ice cream and hot fudge, and which also serves hot chocolate, and which has very friendly workers who would be willing to occasionally deliver ice cream next door to me if i am feeling bad

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my hair is like a lil floaty purple cloud n i’m trying to let it make me feel lighter

andravenge replied to your photo “out for lunch”

your hair looks so niiiiiiice!

thk you!! :)))) i just got it to this stage a couple days ago & i’m rlly happy w it. it’s also great because my hair is at a silly length and before i bleached/dyed it it looked ridiculous but now it looks awsommmme

out for lunch

out for lunch

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